Dairy Farm Projects

Tussock Creek

Nind Dairy recently worked on the Tussock Creek dairy farm operation owned by Blair Evans. The project was to convert an existing Gull wing 30 bale herring bone shed to a 40 bale Milfos iXPRESS4. Late on in the piece automatic cup removers were decided on – as they significantly reduce the work load for staff.

The project was completed by Nind in the off season, with the plant install taking a total of just 10 days to complete. As the Automatic cup removers were decided on late in the piece, they were installed in between milking sessions over the five days after the plant was installed, working around the on-farm activities to get the job done.

GEA’s Herringbone parlours enable a quick, stress-free milking routine for both the cows, and the milkers. The time saving front exit ensures that the time spent in the parlour is short and throughput is high. Workers benefit from the easy operation and cleaning of the milking parlours, and shorter working paths and safer, cleaner working environments.

Automatic Cup Removers (ACRs) were installed late in the piece, and should see a happier, healthier herd, because of this decision. There’s many benefits to installing ACRs, including optimum milking for individual cows, timely retraction - which results in less chance of mastitis and cup contamination, early alerting of problem milking, and a labour saving benefit – it’s less stressful for both animal and operator.

We have been working with Nind Dairy since 2006, we continue to work with them because they offer great a service at a fair price. The Nind team are very responsive, and have a team with a great deal of knowledge and experience, which means they don’t have to go far to provide solutions. Being available 24/7 is a major benefit and if something needs fixed they’ll get it right first time. 

In June 2017 we did a complete upgrade to our milking shed over the winter months, going from a 30 aside to 40 aside with Automatic cup removers (ACR’s). We put in a new milking plant, and extended the shed and yard; which certainly helped reduced the milking times, improved cow flow and improved staff morale. We decided to go with the (ACRs) because we acknowledged the efficiencies that we could get from them. We have already noticed a decrease in somatic cell count – which has reduced the need for treatment of mastitis cows. Overall, it has been a very successful project.

We were impressed with the confidence and the ability of the Nind team. They completed the job to a tight deadline, which is a credit to them, their team and shows their level of professionalism. For me, working with Nind on the project was about making the decision to work with a group that was willing to listen, and provide solutions. I was impressed with their level of knowledge, reliability and quality of workmanship. In summary, this has all resulted in a better environment for my team, the livestock, and Nind have helped futureproof my business.

– Blair Evans, Farm Owner: Tussock Creek
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