Consumables for Dairy Plants

Trying to make your liners stretch to a few more milkings can be a false economy - order new liners now to ensure you are set up for success this season.

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Consumables for Dairy Plants

Consumables for Dairy Plants

As the interface between the cow and the milking machine, liners and tube must fulfill strict hygiene regulations. In order to withstand the high levels of mechanical stress and chemical exposure liners and tube are subjected to a comprehensive range of field tests and quality tests beginning during the initial development phases and continuing onward to the dairy farm.

The advanced synthetic formulation offers the performance of silicon with the hardwearing properties of rubber. The product has superior flexibility and is UV stabilized for long life.

All rubberware should be changed regularly, for example, most rubber liners are designed to last around 2500 milkings as they deteriorate with time and usage. Click here for more information on the importance of replacing liners and why delaying this can affect the health of your herd and your bottom-line!

If you have any questions about consumables or would like to order anything for your shed contact Nind Dairy Services on 0800 50 22 50 or email us.

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