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Davey Pumps

Nind Dairy are master dealers for Davey pumps and water products. Enquire now about their long term benefits and reliability.

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Pumps and Water Treatment

Dairy farming might be thought of as the art of moving various fluids around the farm. From water coming in, milk going out, and effluent being returned; precision pumping and plumbing with reliability and long life are key. Nind Dairy Services engineers are meticulous in their pump selection and installation because they know a single pump failure can render the whole dairy non-operational or worse, at risk of contamination. Nind Dairy Services are a master dealer for Davey pumps and water products; chosen for their on-farm robustness and reliability.

Nind Dairy Services offer Farm Effluent Solutions

Correct pump selection is critical for a reliable farm effluent system and not all so-called effluent pumps will be suitable. Special emphasis is given to selecting pumps that are able to handle the solids content without creating blockages or excessive wear.

When determining the flow rate and pressure, Nind's engineers ensure your system is calibrated correctly to include safety margins for variation in effluent consistency and equipment wear.

Nind Dairy Services install Washdown Systems

A reliable water supply is critical for washdown of sheds, standoff areas, and feed pads. Washdown water is often supplied from clean bore or surface water for which Nind Dairy Services have used Davey pumps extensively and reliably for years.

Nind Dairy Services can also incorporate alternative pumping and treatment solutions that use recycled or harvested stormwater for washing areas that do not require high-quality water, such as for feed pads or animal housing areas.

Water Transfer and Treatment

Moving water around for stock watering, for use inside or simple transfer from dam to tank, Nind Dairy Services are master dealers of Davey pumps that can shift water quickly, reliably and at the prescribed pressure and flow.

Farm water can be derived from many sources: dams, bores, wells, rivers, town water, channels and recycled water. Such water may be unsuitable for a particular use in its raw state. Nind's engineers will identify and correct water quality for on-farm use, complete with appropriate testing. The Nind Dairy Services team can advise you how to treat any specific problems in your existing water supplies.

Where necessary, all Nind Dairy Services installations employ pressure and flow detection for failsafe operation. Contact Nind Dairy Services for all your water treatment and pump needs.

We have farms running sheep, beef and dairy, with the dairy herds we have one with 380 cows and one with 500. Altogether the land comes in at about 5,000 acres, but that includes fattening paddocks etc. We visited outback Queensland recently and noticed the change from windmills and petrol motor pumps for water to solar-powered pumps. You’re talking acres of solar.

The pressure for us is really only in the summer months, so the Solaris Pro is a simple solution – on a hot day, the sun shines, and water flows. Another big draw with a solar pump set-up is we wanted to have something that didn’t create yet another job for staff on the farm. We don’t have to rely on staff to fill the pump with petrol or to keep such a close eye on the water levels. If we run out of water in summer, it can take us forever to catch up. Looking at our allocated water, we really should have enough but somewhere, somehow, we fall short. The Solaris Pro is our insurance policy.

We like working with Nind Dairy Services in Balclutha because they’re local. It’s important for us to support local businesses as if you don’t, one day you’ll have to travel further for that service. The Nind Dairy Services team are friendly, professional and good to deal with. With the Solaris, I’ve been surprised to see it running even on cloudy days. It’s been getting a lot of interest, I’ve been telling people it’s for SkyTV at the maimai, but it’s a serious option that we’re considering on one of our other farms; it doesn’t come with the same level of setup costs, or the ongoing labour, which makes it a viable option to consider.

– Vawn Wrigley – White Flat Road Dairy Farm
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