Dairy Farm Projects

AB Lime, Winton

The brief from the client was for a fully automated system with intelligent integration of systems from milk harvesting and storage to individual stock management and effluent disposal. Follow Nigel McClymont as he walks through the unique features of the eighty bail GEA Farm Technologies Milfos milking system,

The AB Lime plant is fitted with Intelligent Cluster Removers (ICR) and iNTELSENSE systems that integrate milking, grain feeding and drafting of individual cows according to certain parameters such as low milk, kick off and time out- all of which can be set by a handheld remote.  

The cluster removal ram and the restraint ram work independently and a management system that uses both iNTELSENSE and iNTELLAB, tracks and records somatic cell count, milk yield, fat, protein, lactose and the conductivity profile of each cow - all fully integrated with the drafting system to hold or release individual cows.

AB Lime Dairy Farm is using an Aquatess glycol refrigeration system that is currently maintaining two milk silos and one calf milk silo at the required milk temperature, providing efficient cooling, free hot water and snap-chilling of milk to four degrees centigrade on route to the milk silo, increasing efficiency, reducing electricity costs by up to 40% and supplying hot water to 80 degrees. Milk quality is preserved with additional benefits.

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