Automatic Cup Removers (ACRs)

Arguably the single most effective upgrade to your existing dairy operation, ACRs can boost productivity and efficiency and detect problems sooner.

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Automatic Cup Removers (ACRs)

Automatic Cup Removers (ACRs)

Advances in technology have made modern ACRs one of the most useful upgrades to the modern milking shed.

Key benefits of Automatic Cup Removers (ACRs) include:

  • optimum milking (wetter or drier) for individual cows 
  • timely and effective retraction resulting in less exposure to mastitis and cup contamination
  • early alerting of problem milking 
  • labour saving and less stress on both animal and operator

Various studies (Australia and New Zealand) have shown the pay-back period for ACR installation is 2.5 - 3 years, accrued from labour-saving, improved and more consistent milk output and early problem detection. Anecdotally, farmers almost universally reported that cows were less stressed and a 'happier' herd.

The GEA iCR Automatic Cluster Removal system can be installed in both rotary and herringbone sheds and include sophisticated features such as letdown, total milking, and final interval timers; slow venting prior to retraction, manual (override) mode and much more. iCR fully integrates with existing shed systems.

Stephen and Janet Pope run a 50 bail rotary shed for a herd of 600 cows. They recently replaced their aging ACR system with the Milfos system installed by Nind Dairy. Stephen says, "We needed to upgrade the ACR system to eliminate kick-off and other problems resulting in cluster damage and cows not fully milked. We decided upon Nind Dairy and the Milfos system as their quote was competitive and we had used them for servicing our existing plant. The benefits were immediate. With the new ACR system the cows are locked in the bail at the exit point if the cluster cannot be removed quickly enough between end of milking and cow exit, eliminating cluster damage. In-bail teat spray was installed at the same time, which has significantly lowered scc."

Stephen says the Nind Dairy team were able to sort out any issues that arose during the implementation and would happily recommend them to other farmers.

– Casterbridge Farms
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