Dairy Farm Projects

Mike Adams, Arrow Dairies

Nind Dairy Services have installed two sheds for Mike Adams at Arrow Dairies, with a third shed set to be built this year (2018). Mike’s second shed had an aquaCHILL snap chiller installed, and he was so happy with the results, he’s signed up for a second snap chill unit with his new 54 bale rotary shed that is yet to be built.

Eight years ago, Nind Dairy Services installed a 54 bale shed, then four years ago, a 64 bale was installed with the aquaCHILL snap chiller. Mike’s seen great results. The snap chiller is economical and efficient at chilling milk and means milk goes into the silo at under 4 degrees, well under the new milking regulations of cooling milk to below 10’c.

With new milk cooling standards coming in this year in June, it’s more important than ever to get raw milk chilled rapidly to below 10’c within three hours from the start of milking. Upgrading your milk cooling system should take careful consideration, as milk cooling accounts for 30% of the total energy costs of operating a dairy.

The aquaCHILL snap chiller is ideal for retrofit situations and new installs. The aquaCHILL runs only when you need it, in tandem with your existing vat chilling, requires minimal installation and can be moved from farm to farm if required.

While the AquaTESS thermal energy storage system snap chills milk to 5’c or less and is very energy efficient with a class A efficiency rating. It operates on a 3:1 Energy Efficiency rating. This means that for every 3kw/h of chilling output, the chiller only uses 1kw/h of electricity input. A snap chiller can be a solid investment in energy efficiency; it can save you up to 37% in energy savings, when compared to standard vat chillers.

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