Drafting Systems

Sort your herd automatically on a number of important criteria for better herd management and early problem detection.

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Drafting Systems

AutoSelect: automatic sorting for herd management

Individual animals can be separated from the herd on a number of criteria. AutoSelect is the premium animal selection system for effective, reliable and easy sorting in combination with the FeedSelect selection gate.

AutoSelect puts control of the animal selection process at your fingertips. GEA provides a range of different automated systems to help you separate individual animals or groups efficiently, quickly and reliably. Here is the GEA overview of the key characteristics of animal selection using the various AutoSelect systems:

AutoSelect S3000/3000SA:

  • Reliable, fully automated selection system for individual animals
  • Up to three selection channels to sort animals at the same time
  • High level of automation: Reduces organisational work for herd management
  • Individual sorting conditions can be programmed into DairyPlan C21
  • Less organisational work needed for herd management
  • The "SA" stands for "stand alone"; (it doesn't connect back to the herd management software. Can be integrated into the system at a later date.)

AutoSelect S5000:

  • Fully-automated individual and group selection with up to five selection channels
  • Management and selection using DairyPlan C21
  • Flexible for a range of design solutions
  • Integrate Taxatron scales
  • Use sorting markers in the milking parlor for milk metering with Metatron
  • Set up sorting branches according to one or more of your own criteria.

Sorting branches for selection: Even greater advantages. Read more on the GEA website.

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