Nind Dairy Services COVID-19 Control Plan - Alert Level 3

Kia ora tātou,

Well good news for us all that we can finally work toward being out Lockdown and get back to the ‘new normal’.

We can now work under Level 3 protocols to do installations, machine testing and maintenance work. Various projects that were put on hold can now happen subject to following Covid-19 procedures which we have outlined below to ensure strong contact tracing abilities and ensure our staff remain safe working on your property.

Nind Dairy Services are incorporating additional documentation available here into our Health & Safety Management Plan and working with all Clients to ensure our site plans and processes have worker engagement and participation to ensure that these are embedded in our practises and culture.

This standard enables the business to work towards prevention, detection and rapid response of COVID-19.

All workers are expected to be familiar with and have this plan with them and utilise it daily on your farms.


Additional to the above ALL Nind Staff are not permitted to return to work until the below actions have been satisfied;

  • Personal health and non-vulnerable worker clearance
    • Fit for work
  • Completed health declaration first day back, as start dates may be staggered
  • If COVID-19 has been diagnosed during lockdown a medical clearance confirmation will be obtained
  • Remote Zoom Toolbox meeting attendance for ALL staff to be inducted and educated about the COVID-19 documents, protocols and clients expectations
    • No attendance NO WORK

Nind Dairy Services have had and will continue to have daily communication to all our Staff during the various levels of COVID-19.

Should you require further clarification or have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.


Nigel McClymont


Nind Dairy Services

What COVID-19 Level 4 means for us and you

What COVID-19 Level 4 means for us and you

Dear valued client,
Following the latest announcement from the Government we are currently putting into place steps to move towards COVID-19 Level 4.
As you, as our clients, are essential services then our service to you also becomes essential.
What this looks like will be clearer in the following days but rest assured we will have Electricians, Plumbers, Engineers and Dairy service technicians available for all essential consumable products and breakdown work as required 24/7.
To access consumable products please contact the office for assistance and they will direct you in how to collect these safely.

• They will then specify a time to meet you at the office for pick up. 
• When visiting the office we ask that you remain outside and our team member will bring the products out to you.
• Please also continue to employ good hygiene practices, maintain social distances and avoid handshakes to ensure the risk of any transmission is avoided.
• We will be able to supply products from existing stock. If a non-stocked product is needed urgently, we will do what we can to source this from our suppliers.
• We may be able to provide delivery to you through our essential breakdown team however, this is at their discretion and should only be for urgent health and safety reasons
• All email inboxes will continue to be monitored by our staff should you have any questions.
We have suppliers who understand this is an essential industry and servicing this industry is just as important. Trucks will keep trucking and cows will keep producing milk
In the meantime feel free to contact us as usual on 0800 50 22 50 or email
Together we can!

What we are doing in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The safety and wellbeing of our customers, employees, suppliers is always our utmost priority. We want to let you know what we are doing in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Good hygiene

We have to make sure we are doing as much as we can, hence we have briefed our staff on the importance of cleaning and sanitizing more often, and wipes.

We are also following the Ministry of Health’s guidelines around hand-washing and cleaning, and have reinforced this with all our teams.

Supporting our team

As a business which comes into contact with people every day, we have a responsibility to help keep people safe. Right across our business, we are following the government’s requirements around self-isolation for any of our team members who are returning to New Zealand from overseas travel, as well as any of our supplier partners who are coming into our stores.  We are supporting our team if they have been impacted by self-isolation requirements.

Our team is here to help

If you are self-isolating, please notify us so we can put in the necessary steps and let our team know to take extra precautions when coming on-site or delivering goods to your property.

Our team is doing all we can to serve you during these busy and challenging times.

We thank you for your continued patience and support.



Nigel McClymont


Get Milk Vat Monitoring sorted with Nind Dairy Services & HALO Systems

Get Milk Vat Monitoring Sorted.

Nind Dairy Services have teamed up with HALO Dairy Systems to make choosing and installing your Milk Vat Monitoring system easy. The HALO System is simple and easy to use (you don’t have to be super tech-savvy) and it’s designed to allow easy upgrades, to grow with your farm needs.

HALO dairy monitoring and control systems include:

  • Phone or computer notifications – automatic monitoring and alarms if a condition exceeds limits that you specify or if a fault occurs
  • Report status sent right to your mobile phone or computer
  • Online website and key information with graphs and stats

We install, service and maintain HALO Systems and already using HALO for all our farm, effluent and filtration system monitoring. To book in your installation or for more info, call Nind Dairy Services on 0800 50 22 50.

What you get with the HALO Milk Monitoring System:

The HALO Milk Monitoring system helps ensure everything runs smoothly and nothing is missed. Know before disaster strikes. You’ll get an alert either on-site alarm, or text, or email. Easily access all your important data through the HALO dashboard on your mobile phone or PC. You don’t have to be there to know what’s going on.

HALO Milk Monitoring System Options include:

  • Vat temperatures
  • Vat volume
  • Stirrer status
  • Wash temperatures
  • Pre-cooling temperatures

Easily Monitor & Manage your Farm.

HALO Dairy Systems have a large range of applications to help you manage your farm, and you don’t have to be a computer buff to use them. You can add dairy monitoring and control systems for effluent, water, weather, feed silo and soil moisture. The system is affordable and modular, so you can easily add systems to further manage and monitor your farm (without the hassles of being onsite). Nind Dairy Services think it’s a versatile system, that’s easy to use, reasonably priced, and no-nonsense, that's why we already use it for all our farm, effluent and filtration system monitoring.

Keen to find out more about HALO Systems?

Nind Dairy Services is a preferred installer of HALO Systems in Southland, call and book in your HALO system integration to miss any delays with the upcoming Christmas period.

For more information or to book in, give us a call on 0800 50 22 50.

Get an AquaCHILL unit retrofitted to ensure compliance

Milk cooling regulation and compliance isn’t a new thing, but anybody out there in the industry will know that there is really starting to be a crackdown on non-compliance. Dairy Plants are given just 21 days to meet compliance criteria, with different businesses having different standards in temperature after two hours.

Milk needs to meet that magical temperature within two hours of entering the vat and with a retrofitted AquaCHILL system, GEA guarantees that milk will enter the vat at below 6’c, getting you most of the way there to meeting regulation.

We know 21 days to compliance is hard, but we imagine the industry is only going to get tougher as regulation becomes more and more enforced, that’s why we think it’s a good idea you get onto it now and factor it into your budget before you have that short timeframe to meet compliance.

With a hot summer and warm March, an AquaCHILL system can future proof your business as temperatures continue to rise. An AquaCHILL unit can also be a good system to consider if you’re thinking of switching suppliers, as it’s really easy to retrofit with minimal labour and you’ll be meeting the milk cooling standards set by the supplier.

Talk to the team at Nind Dairy Services today about how an AquaCHILL unit can ensure you meet compliance and what solutions are right for your setup. Call 0800 50 22 50.

Do you need a Nind Dairy Services Plumbing Warrant of Fitness?

Are you aware that Nind Dairy Services offer a huge range of plumbing services?

Taking a proactive stance on maintenance can save you time and money. That is why we highly recommend you get someone from the Nind Dairy Services team to do a ‘Warrant of Fitness’ check on your farm, especially if you’re looking to change onsite staff soon. This ensures everything is fully functional, and not causing any unwanted damage that you may not be aware of. The Nind Dairy Services team can make recommendations and advice to ensure your farm business stays operational.

Nobody likes a breakdown, whether it’s in the water supply or sewerage system, as it can take time away from working on the farm, for you and your staff. That’s why it’s best to get someone in the industry to check, clean, and repair your plumbing equipment so that it’s fully functional and you know whether it’s in a good condition or coming up for replacement. That way, you can get ahead of your gear, and know when to replace things before a breakdown that stops work, and costs you.

Now is a good time of year to get your farm and workers houses checked before a change of tenants.

Nobody likes to have new tenants move in, to then get a call that there’s leaking taps, or no running water, or clogged spouting and drains that could be causing unwanted damage to your property. Tasks that are often overlooked (and could really do with an expert eye) are things like checking your water pumps, septic tanks, and the wastewater systems. We recommend getting one of the Nind Dairy Services team to do a full check of your farm equipment and worker’s houses each year, this ensures your gear is clean and reliable. If anything does need repairing or you want to upgrade the kitchen, the Nind Dairy Services team are able to make those repairs for you, to your timeframe and budget, and often before those new tenants move in; saving your bottom line.

What Nind Dairy Services Plumbing team can cover in your Plumbing Warrant of Fitness:


Dairy Sheds

  • New Installs
  • Repairs
  • Pumps
    - New Installs
    - Repairs
  • Effluent
    - New Installs
    - Repairs
  • Water Filtration
  • Domestic Plumbing and Drainage



  • New Installations
  • Kitchen, bathroom, water cylinder upgrades and replacements
    Repairs and Maintenance
  • Spouting and downpipes
  • General Maintenance
  • Water Filtration
  • Change of tenant house check


Change of tenant house check:

  • Water Pump
    - Check pressure
    - Check for leaks
    - Check for noise cavitation
    - Water filter clean or replace
  • Spouting and down pipe
    - Clean out
    - Clean out water to tank drinking water system
  • Septic Tank
    - Check pump operational
    - Clean filter
  • Tanks and waste units
    - Check for leaks and repair

A Plumbing Warrant of Fitness really is a smart idea

The Nind Dairy Services can check and clean all this for you and, even better, fill in a report for you, so you can make changes in your time, and to your budget. They can also make recommendations on how to get the best life out of your gear, small parts could do with a replacement, or a good clean could extend the life of your farm equipment.

To get your farm cleaned, checked and repaired, contact the Nind Dairy Services team today.


Order rubberware for huge savings!

Liner prices have increased and Nind Dairy Services have bulk purchased a wide range of rubberware to hold pricing into the new year. So, get in quick and order before the cheaper stock is all gone.
A second bulk purchase has been made for the 2019 winter season. Book your liners and rubberware now for delivery in May 2019.
Call Nind Dairy Services to take advantage of these prices while stock lasts on 0800 50 22 50.

Book in a Shed Servicing

Nind Dairy Services recommend you book in a shed service at least once a year, book in early in the new year to avoid the winter rush.
Machine testing is like your WOF for your dairy shed, while a shed service will ensure everything is given a good clean, in tip-top shape for the year to come and operating at its full potential.
Shed servicing is a step-up from machine testing; fixing and cleaning parts and repairing and replacing anything that needs to be. It’s an important part of maintaining any dairy shed operation and important preventative measure to stop any unwanted and costly breakdowns - especially over the holiday season. You can be booked in at any time. To book, call Nind Dairy Services on 0800 50 22 50.

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