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Sinclair Transport Upgrade

To a New Separator with Nind Dairy Services

Nind Dairy Services recently installed a solids separator for Sinclair Transport. The original separator was old, underperforming, and becoming increasingly costly for Sinclair Transport, with a lot of ongoing reoccurring maintenance. Sinclair Transport has stock trucks, silage trucks, fertiliser trucks, and work with a wide range of materials in the agriculture industry. They’re more than just a standard transport company. With a large variety of liquid and solids needing to be cleaned from their fleet of vehicles, with variables in consistency, it was important to upgrade the business to a system that would be long-lasting and handle a wide range and high capacity of runoff.

That’s why the GEA Sloped Screen Separator 4ft x 4ft was a good option. With no moving parts, it will stand up to a wide variety of consistencies that you would see with a stock transport and agricultural business. A simple design ensures it will also wear incredibly well and not need parts replaced year in, year out. This means the new system will cope better with the capacity that Sinclair Transport demands. The GEA Sloped Screen Separator is a low maintenance option that will have minimal wear and tear. The end product of solids and separated liquids can then be safely used as fertiliser, creating a potential revenue stream from what was previously a waste product.

Nind Dairy Services prefabricated an extended steel platform to house the GEA slope screen separator in the workshop before bringing it onsite, it was also pre-fitted to the platform, reducing installation time. This minimised downtime for Sinclair Transport, as being able to effectively washdown their fleet of vehicles before moving onto the next job is crucial to running the business. Completing a lot of the project prior to installation resulted in the Nind Dairy Services team just spending a few hours onsite and little disruption to the business. Nind Dairy Services are hoping the new separator sees an increased efficiency and decreased maintenance expenditure for Sinclair Transport.

Nind Dairy Services have been fixing things up for us for a few years now. We originally found out about them through word of mouth. We’d been told they were good to deal with, and that’s not wrong. The GEA Sloped Screen Separator was the first real big job that we’ve had to call on Nind Dairy Services for. 

The old system wasn't coping. It’s been brilliant for our business as Nind Dairy Services have made everything just a whole lot easier, we’re no longer paying for all this ongoing maintenance and they installed it in just half a day which was good.  They really stepped up when we needed them and installed the Separator right at a busy time of year.

The Nind Dairy Services team are all really good to deal with and have great communication. Tristan and the team are really knowledgeable. With a fleet of approx. fifteen vehicles with not just stock trucks but also agricultural equipment, the Sloped Screen Separator must cope with a whole range different textures, so Tristan’s knowledge and advice was invaluable. 

Nind Dairy Services are good to deal with, know their stuff, and are always up for a good laugh. More importantly, they are always good to get a hold of, especially their back up service and if you’re after an urgent fix, they’re always there to help you out. They’re always prompt and go out of their way to find solutions for you.

– Kelvin, Sinclair Transport
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