Dairy Farm Projects

Milford Sound Effluent System

Milford Sound is probably New Zealand’s most popular tourist destination with 875,000 tourists visiting Milford Sound in 2017 and numbers set to top one million this year.

Nind Dairy Services worked with Davey Water Products to upgrade the tourist terminal effluent system next to the Milford Sound Visitors’ Centre. With multiple toilet complexes and tourist boats using a discharge facility onsite, the system needed an upgrade to ensure it could meet the growing tourism numbers.

The UV system was upgraded to treat the septic system, with the Nind Dairy Services team visiting the site over several days to get the system installed. Anybody who has visited Milford Sound will know that it’s one of the most remote parts of New Zealand and that the area presents its own unique challenges.

The area is well known for significant rainfall and is the wettest inhabited place in New Zealand. The Nind Dairy Services team were reliant on good weather, with significant rainfall having the potential to stop work. The team were particularly lucky, with fine weather for most of the time they worked onsite. Undertaking the project at a particularly favourable time of year worked to their advantage.

Milford Sound now has an updated effluent system which includes a sophisticated monitoring and alarm system and now has reliable UV treatment which is a safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution to disinfection. As tourist numbers continue to increase in the region, the system will now be able to effectively meet those demands.

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