Mike Adams - Arrow Dairies

We run approx. 2,100 cattle on Arrow Dairies. Nind Dairy Services installed a 54 bale shed for us eight years ago, and a 64 bale shed four years ago, with a snap chiller. This year (2018) they’ll be putting in a 54 bale rotary shed and we’ll be getting another snap chiller. Nind Diary Services are great. They say what they’re going to do, keep to their prices, and deliver. They are experts in their field.

With our 64 bale shed we installed a AquaCHILL snap chiller. The snap chiller has been fantastic since we installed it. We’ve had a huge saving on power, and milk is hitting the vat at 4°c. It’s given us piece of mind. For example, a few days ago we had a power cut and the power was out for 4-5 hours, during that time the milk stayed at below 10°c, which was a huge relief.

With these new milk regulations coming through they’re getting really tough and it’s just one less thing we have to worry about. I’d recommend Nind Dairy Services. They’re good guys, and really know what they’re talking about.

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