Maurice Dodds – Patrice Downs

I’ve been working with Nind Dairy Services and Electrical for about 16 years now. We had significant manganese and iron deposits causing issues on the farm and in the plant. You could see the valves were getting a sheen and the pipelines were slowly getting restricted with a buildup of iron. There was a fair bit of ongoing maintenance; undoing them and cleaning them out. When cleaning the shed you could see a build-up of the minerals was affecting the concrete, over time it was depositing a layer of mineral sludge.

The team at Nind Dairy Services sorted out the problem. Going forward, the Microlene system will certainly see improvements on the farm. It’s a lot nicer working with clean, soft water in the plant and far better for the stock to drink than tangy hard water. We’re already noticing a change in cleaning down the plant, in the water troughs, and the storage tanks are looking a hell of a lot cleaner. Going forward, the HALO system will be good for keeping an eye on things.

I’d recommend Nind Dairy Services, they’ve got the expertise and knowledge to sort out a problem. They’re happy to install something new and can give you the technical advice as to if it will be practical to use.

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