The Nind Dairy Team. Expertise, dedication and reliability.

Muir Mathieson, Workshop Foreman

Muir grew up on a farm, so he knows what hard work looks like, and with a lifelong background as a fitter welder, he brings a lot of knowledge to his role as Workshop Foreman at Nind Dairy Services. He joined the team in 2014, after being self-employed. He’s also worked as a maintenance fitter and at New Zealand’s Aluminium Smelter.

You name it, Muir has built it from bridges to boats and houses, Muir knows how to build and repair things. He’s always happy to pitch in and enjoys ensuring the team have the right tools for the job. He enjoys looking after the apprentices and being able to hand over the reins and his kno9wledge to the next generation.

Outside of work, you might find Muir out in the garden or tinkering in the workshop, or fishing out on the boat with his family and grandchildren. On the weekends he enjoys travelling the beautiful South Island with his wife in their caravan.

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