Would you like a free trial of a water pump that uses no power or fuel?

Nind Dairy Services is offering one lucky farmer a free trial of a water pump that runs solely from water flow and uses no power or fuel. Davey Water Products have provided Nind Dairy Services with a ‘Papa Pump’. These pumps are huge overseas, but relatively unheard of in New Zealand.

The principle itself has been around forever but the new patented design is much more durable and efficient than the traditional cast iron ram pumps. The Papa Pump uses just the flow of water available from a creek, dam, or spring, etc. The pump will operate without manual intervention when at least 50 litres of water per minute is supplied to the pump. No power or fuel is required, making it ideal for remote locations.

Nind Dairy Services is looking for a farmer who has a trial site that is ideal for set up (like a river, stream, spring or pond). The supply pipeline needs to be installed above the pump and the greater the supply head, the more efficient the pump. While 70% of the water is depressurised and returned to the water source, 30% of the water is pressurised and can be delivered to high elevations, or long distances. Maybe you need more water and might consider purchasing something like this if it proves to be incredibly effective.

If this sounds like you – give Nind Dairy Services a call and you could be in for a free trial of a Papa Pump!

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