The Advantages of a Davey Microlene Farm System

Why is it important to supply your stock with healthy water?

Supplying your stock with healthy water is something that is often overlooked. If you supply your stock with healthy water, you’ll see healthier cattle and a higher production outcome, making your property more cost-effective. The average milking cow drinks at least 50 litres, if not 90 litres, of water a day. At that volume, supplying your milking cows with clean, hygienic, and balanced drinking water is something to seriously consider.

Bacteria and Pathogens

Poor water on the farm may contain pathogens that can affect your animals' health such as E.Coli, Campylobacter and Leptospirosis. These bacteria easily grow in streams, ponds and shallow groundwater.

Clean, pathogen-free farm water will reduce the risks of infection, affecting the health and productivity of your livestock. Poor quality water could also affect the cleaning ability of your shed wash-down water.

Mineral Imbalance

Poor drinking water could also have an imbalance of minerals and trace elements such as copper, magnesium and zinc. Poor quality water can result in these essential minerals falling out of suspension and settling the bottom of drinking troughs before the animals have a chance to drink these minerals that are key to their health. Also, minerals and contaminants can build up in your water reticulation pipes, pumps and valves and increase infrastructure failure and costly part replacement through equipment degradation.

Quality, balanced water will provide cattle with the ability to imbibe these key trace minerals and elements, ensuring your herd can get the most from their drinking water and be as healthy as possible. Water free from iron will reduce your maintenance costs as equipment degradation and system failures will be minimised.

Improved Water Intake

Water high in iron and other minerals (out of balance) or with poor PH levels can taste bitter and unpalatable. Reduced water intake can result in dehydrated, unhealthy animals with a lower milk output.

Supplying your dairy cows with balanced, clean, palatable and healthy drinking water will result in a higher intake, resulting in more output of milk from your herd. Creating a higher yield for your dairy farm and directly improving your business.

What’s the Solution?

Get your water tested for minerals, trace elements, microorganisms, PH and water quality. You can book this through Nind Dairy Services – just give us a call.

After this initial assessment with Nind Dairy Services, we can work with you to provide solutions to providing your stock with healthy drinking water. Nind Dairy Services can come up with the best design to improve water quality on your farm.

Davey’s Microlene Farm system is a self-contained unit, that is easy to add to your existing water system. It removes minerals such as iron and will effectively filter, disinfect and purify water for your livestock.

The HALO Farm System is something we’re excited about. The HALO Farm System operating system works in with the Microlene system. The HALO hub provides you with continuous monitoring and control of your water system. Water information and data is easily accessible, such as water flow and pressure, as well as the potential to provide more advanced operation information.

With the HALO Farm System, you can receive alerts to potential and actual system failures. Resulting in less downtime and a reduced level of costly system failures.

With compliance and water management issues becoming increasingly scrutinised in the Dairy industry, the Microlene Farm System can give you peace of mind. It increases stock output and health, reduces the risks of costly system failures and makes it easy to meet farm compliance obligations.

Supplying your farm with clean healthy water will bring a lot of benefits to your farming operation. If interested, call Nind Dairy Services today to start the process. Get a FREE water test with Davey and Nind Dairy Services.

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