Have you checked your water supply?

Summer is fast approaching. Now is the time to check on your water, around the farm and in your tanks – to see if your pumps are working efficiently, or if you need to upgrade to better cope with the upcoming dry season. No farmer wants to get caught out over the dry season with a no water on their property for their stock, shed or house hold. Breakdowns can also be incredibly costly, not just with pump replacement costs, but with stoppages in work, and even potential risks of water contamination.

Nind Dairy Services recommend having your pumps checked regularly, especially your bore pump, and ideally before the dry season. You could save money having your pump regularly serviced, as opposed to the costs of buying a full replacement. If you see any drop in water supply levels, best to have it checked – a service and clean, with diagnostic testing, could increase your water supply significantly, and more importantly, increase the life of your pump – reducing your on-farm costs.

Nind Dairy Services are one of Davey Pumps master dealers, with Nind Dairy Services staff regularly trained on the latest in Davey Pump technology and additional trouble shooting and servicing. This allows our staff to be excellent at troubleshooting and problem solving around water supply issues on your property.

Davey Pumps offer a wide variety of pumps and water systems to meet all water needs across the dairy industry; from waste water filtration to stock water, domestic, irrigation and shed needs. We stock the full range of Davey Pumps 4” submersible borehole pumps, and find them to be incredibly robust and reliable, with Nind Dairy Services working with them extensively for years.

Now is the time to check your water storage and supply for the upcoming summer. If you have any concerns about the coming season and water levels on your property, best to contact the team at Nind Dairy Services to see how we can help on 0800 50 22 50.

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