Get an AquaCHILL unit retrofitted to ensure compliance

Milk cooling regulation and compliance isn’t a new thing, but anybody out there in the industry will know that there is really starting to be a crackdown on non-compliance. Dairy Plants are given just 21 days to meet compliance criteria, with different businesses having different standards in temperature after two hours.

Milk needs to meet that magical temperature within two hours of entering the vat and with a retrofitted AquaCHILL system, GEA guarantees that milk will enter the vat at below 6’c, getting you most of the way there to meeting regulation.

We know 21 days to compliance is hard, but we imagine the industry is only going to get tougher as regulation becomes more and more enforced, that’s why we think it’s a good idea you get onto it now and factor it into your budget before you have that short timeframe to meet compliance.

With a hot summer and warm March, an AquaCHILL system can future proof your business as temperatures continue to rise. An AquaCHILL unit can also be a good system to consider if you’re thinking of switching suppliers, as it’s really easy to retrofit with minimal labour and you’ll be meeting the milk cooling standards set by the supplier.

Talk to the team at Nind Dairy Services today about how an AquaCHILL unit can ensure you meet compliance and what solutions are right for your setup. Call 0800 50 22 50.

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