Get Milk Vat Monitoring sorted with Nind Dairy Services & HALO Systems

Get Milk Vat Monitoring Sorted.

Nind Dairy Services have teamed up with HALO Dairy Systems to make choosing and installing your Milk Vat Monitoring system easy. The HALO System is simple and easy to use (you don’t have to be super tech-savvy) and it’s designed to allow easy upgrades, to grow with your farm needs.

HALO dairy monitoring and control systems include:

  • Phone or computer notifications – automatic monitoring and alarms if a condition exceeds limits that you specify or if a fault occurs
  • Report status sent right to your mobile phone or computer
  • Online website and key information with graphs and stats

We install, service and maintain HALO Systems and already using HALO for all our farm, effluent and filtration system monitoring. To book in your installation or for more info, call Nind Dairy Services on 0800 50 22 50.

What you get with the HALO Milk Monitoring System:

The HALO Milk Monitoring system helps ensure everything runs smoothly and nothing is missed. Know before disaster strikes. You’ll get an alert either on-site alarm, or text, or email. Easily access all your important data through the HALO dashboard on your mobile phone or PC. You don’t have to be there to know what’s going on.

HALO Milk Monitoring System Options include:

  • Vat temperatures
  • Vat volume
  • Stirrer status
  • Wash temperatures
  • Pre-cooling temperatures

Easily Monitor & Manage your Farm.

HALO Dairy Systems have a large range of applications to help you manage your farm, and you don’t have to be a computer buff to use them. You can add dairy monitoring and control systems for effluent, water, weather, feed silo and soil moisture. The system is affordable and modular, so you can easily add systems to further manage and monitor your farm (without the hassles of being onsite). Nind Dairy Services think it’s a versatile system, that’s easy to use, reasonably priced, and no-nonsense, that's why we already use it for all our farm, effluent and filtration system monitoring.

Keen to find out more about HALO Systems?

Nind Dairy Services is a preferred installer of HALO Systems in Southland, call and book in your HALO system integration to miss any delays with the upcoming Christmas period.

For more information or to book in, give us a call on 0800 50 22 50.

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