Beat Jack Frost this winter with Pump Saver

For peace of mind during the winter, the Pump Saver has been designed to protect your pumps from frost damage.

How it works

The pump saver is designed to be left on all the time, so when the temperature drops, the lamp will come on automatically and give enough heat to protect the pump from frost damage. To increase frost protection, you can insulate the pump shed and lag pipes.

It's simple to install - all you need is a 230 volt power outlet to supply the pump saver.


Cost savings:

  • Protecting your pump from frost damage will save you money
  • The pump saver only needs to save your pump once to pay for itself
  • The heat lamp will only operate when the temperature drops to freezing or at a preset level (to heat a larger area we can supply a lead and thermostat that you can attached to a small heater for space heating, rather than spot heating)
  • Maintenance costs could be reduced because the pump saver stops the pump from freezing up

Easy to install

  • The pump saver can be installed by anybody, as long as there is a constant power source available. The heat lamp can easily be checked by dialing up the temperature on the thermostat
  • Mount the pump saver thermostat on the wall alongside the pump, making sure the heat lamp is not shining onto the thermostat
  • Hang the heat lamp above the pump using the hook and secure the cable ties as supplied. Keep at least 450mm away from surfaces
  • Set the thermostat to 2oC and plug it into a contiuous power supply, making sure the plug is not controlled by a float switch or pressure switch as this would cause the heat lamp to only come on when the pump is running

Email for further information or give us a call on 0800 50 22 50 to get your Pump Saver today.


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